This is not your average portrait. If you want a frame worthy customized fun family or personalized portrait that everyone loves, look no further!

This is a lengthy process as I would patch up about a dozen photos together that have to be shot and designed in a specific way.

1) CONSULTATION: We would first have a consult in home to figure out where in your home would be the best place to shoot your family.
2) QUESTIONNAIRE: We would go through your questionnaire that you would have filled in with your family. Each member can chose a theme, something that resonate with them and represents something about their personality, their interest or just something funny they would like. Families will really enjoy this process, the sky is the limit! Actually, not even! We would also pick a spot in your home to shoot as I need to plan out where everyone is going to be.
3) SCHEDULING: We would schedule a photoshoot time. 

4) DESIGN THE SHOOT: I would then sketch and design the shoot.
5) SHOOTING: On the photoshoot, I would shoot every individual separately on the same day.
6) EDITING: I will then stitch all the photo together to create your unique crazy family family portrait!

 The fee for this process is $995 which includes your consultations, the in-home photoshoot (for a family of up to 5 people and pets, there is an add on for extended family).                                      
There will a complimentary in home session if you'd like to order a framed print as well.